What is
The Air Up There?

At 3222m above sea level, Afriski Mountain Resort resort has created an obstacle course that puts bunny hopping and cyclocross events to shame. Designed by Marco Caromba of BattleRush, this three-day contest gives new meaning to the term OCR. Stamina, teamwork and, of course, lung capacity are tested to their limits. Welcome to The Air Up There – the highest obstacle festival in Africa.

 Dates: 30 April – 2 MAY 2022

Air Up There

So this started as an experiment on wether we could race at altitude And every year we get more competitors smashing every event on the mountain.

2017, you conquered 12km obstacle race. 1km uphill sprint & our first team obstacle race.

2018, the 12 became 15km’s. The uphill sprint had obstacles added to it. The team race was extreme & tested speed, hills & obstacle. We added the 1km obstacle sprint time trial.

2022, we are going to try find your limit. 21km obstacle race. There will be more obstacles in the uphill sprint. The team race is going to push all team members to work together. The sprint time trial is going to look easy till you try it. We are super excited to be adding another event with the 4hr night enduro.

Pain is temporary. Sweat dries. Memories are forever. If this is your view of OCR, then join us at the next Air Up There event. There is nothing like high-altitude obstacle course racing. We look forward to welcoming you to Afriski Mountain Resort for The Air Up There 2021.

  • 1 km Uphill Sprint
  • 21km / 10km Obstacle Race
  • Mixed Team Relay
  • 1 km Obstacle Sprint
  • 4hr night time enduro

2022 Race Formats

Next Bird Entries

This pass grants you entry into each of the four races:

  • 1km Uphill Race
  • 21km / 10km Obstacle Race
  • Mixed Team Relay
  • 1km Obstacle Sprint
  • 4hr night time enduro
Next 50 entries
No more Early bird only Next Bird - Air Up There package

Package includes:
Entry to all events &
Grumpy Monkey Air up there socks

PRICE: R1,500.00-R1,700.00

Grumpy Monkey socks


Accommodation Queries

There are multiple accommodation options for The Air Up There 2022.

Accommodation packages can be booked directly through the Afriski bookings office. You can contact them on 0861 AFRISKI or twane@afriski.net.

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